A Django 1.6+ project template that provides a great skeleton application structure with some essential features:

  • Separate dev, stag, and prod environments.
    • switch environments easily based on APP_ENV env var.
    • separate development, staging, and production settings
    • separate development and production (incl. staging) requirements
  • django-storages static asset storage backend integration with S3.
  • Database configuration via environment variable
    • production database passwords kept in environment variables and out of source.
    • dj-database-url configures the database from the DATABASE_URL env var.
    • integrates with Amazon RDS, Heroku DBs, and others easily.
  • Simple deployment to Heroku
    • Forced HTTP redirection to HTTPS (except in development)
    • Uses Heroku’s free piggyback wildcard SSL.
  • Helps you construct organized web applications that follow the 12factor methodology.
  • Skeleton 404 and 500 error pages.

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